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A family profile is simply your contact information (last name, address, phone numbers, and the names of every family member). This information is necessary for season passholders and also to register and pay for lessons online. While you don't need a profile to book tubing or buy gift cards or six-packs, you do need one to pick up your season pass or for on-line lesson registrations.

To create your profile, just fill out all of the information requested. You can add up to ten immediate family members and an immediate family is defined as up to 2 adults and all children under 18 living in the same household. To add family members, just click the Add a person button and fill in the required information.

Your password must be from 6 to 20 characters in length and you must enter the same password twice, just to confirm. Once you have created a profile, an email will be sent to your email address requesting that you confirm that you wish to create a Sunridge customer profile.

If you don't receive this confirmation email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk email folder.

Then, whenever you visit our website, click the SIGN IN option at the top right of the web page. Once you are 'signed in', you may register and pay for lessons online and more.

Your personal information is private and confidential. It is never shared with any other organization or company. And we do not keep any credit card numbers as part of your profile.

Questions? Just email us. Or call us at 780-449-6555.

If you are renting skis, your skier type, along with your height, weight and age, are used to determine the visual indicator settings of your ski bindings. Based on the following descriptions, your skier type is the one that best corresponds with your ability.

Skier Type 1

Skier Type 2

Skier Type 3

Cautious skiing at LOWER visual indicator settings.

Moderate skiing at AVERAGE visual indicator settings.

Aggressive skiing at HIGHER visual indicator settings.

  • Prefer slow to moderate speeds.
  • Prefer gentle to moderate terrain.
  • Receive lower than average visual indicator settings. This may increase the risk of inadvertent binding release in order to increase the likelihood of release in a fall.
  • Type 1 settings apply to "entry-level skiers uncertain of their classification".
  • Prefer a variety of speeds.
  • Prefer varied terrain.
  • Type 2 skiers are skiers who do not meet the descriptions of Type 1 or Type 3 skier types.
  • Prefer fast speeds.
  • Prefer steep terrain.
  • Receive higher than average visual indicator settings. This may reduce the likelihood of release in a fall in order to decrease the risk of inadvertant binding release.

If from experience, you have been dissatisfied with visual indicator settings resulting from your selected skier type classification, you may wish to consider: (a) changing your skier type classification; (b) selecting different skier type classifications for toe and heel components; or (c) selecting skier Types 1- (for skiers who desire visual indicator settings lower than settings for a Type 1 skier) or 3+ (for skiers who desire visual indicator settings higher than settings for a Type 3 skier).

When you are renting a snowboard, the stance simply refers to which foot you prefer to have forward or at the front of the board. You either ride left foot forward, also called "regular" or right foot forward, or "goofy". However, if you have never snowboarded before, you may be uncertain as to which way to ride. To help in determining your preferred stance, think of running and then sliding on a patch of ice. Which foot do you have forward to help you balance? Odds are, this is the same foot you'll have forward in your snowboard binding. If you are still uncertain, just pick one and you can always change when you get to Sunridge or after you have used your snowboard for a bit on the hill.

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